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Zumba Instructor Training

Erick Santana

Get the tools you need to start teaching from the best the industry has to offer.  By obtaining your Zumba Fitness licensing and certificate from Zumba Education Specialist and International Presenter, Erick Santana, you will achieve the following:


The basic steps and variations to four of the Zumba® core rhythms: Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia, and Reggaeton.


A refresher of some of your essential instructor tools, plus a library of the base rhythms, core moves and variations.


Identify the different parts of a song and how to use them to build an effective dance-fitness workout.


Receive your license to begin teaching Zumba® classes.

February 2018 Newly Licensed Zumba Instructors


Q: Are there any prerequisites to taking a B1 training?

A: No, however it helps if you've already taken a Zumba® class before, or if you have previous experience in teaching group exercise classes.

Q: What happens after the training?

A: After completing the Instructor Training, you can begin teaching whenever you feel comfortable and ready. Instructors act as independent contractors, giving you the freedom to set your own schedule, rates, terms, agreements, etc.

Q: Do I need any other certifications before I can teach?

A: The Zumba® program is considered a specialty certificate, so depending on your country or facility center, you may need a general group exercise certificate. Be sure to check with your government or local guidelines to see what the requirements are in order for you to teach.

Q:  I am traveling from out of state. Where is the nearesthotel?                                                            

  A:  There are hotels near the studio/gym. Holiday Inn Express and the Comfort Inn & Suites, in Stockbridge, GA are easily accessible off the nearest interstate 75.  These hotels are just under 2 miles from the studio/gym.

Q:  How long is the training?

A:  Registration begins at 8 AM followed by a one hour Zumba class that begins at 9 AM. Your training begins immediately following the Zumba class at 10 AM.

Q:  Can I register at Pamela Bennett Fitness?

A:  Yes, you can obtain assistance in registering at Pamela Bennett Fitness through the website.

Q:  Is there parking at this facility?

A:  Yes, there is designated parking for the Pamela Bennett Fitness studio/gym in the rear of the building.

Q:  What methods of payment are accepted at this facility?

A:  All methods of payment are accepted, cash, M/C, Visa, Amex, Discover, Checks, Paypal and Apple Pay.

Q:  Can I find Erick Santana on social media?

A: Yes, please follow Erick Santana on Instagram @erick.santana.official and on Facebook by searching Erick Santana.

Q:  What is “One Glove Love”?

A: One Glove Love is a charitable organization created and led by Erick Santana One Glove Love's mission is to continue to inspire others to count their blessings & pay it forward through good deeds.

Q:  Should I join the Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN) at the Zumba Fitness Instructor training?

A: Yes, The Zumba® Instructor Network is a monthly membership program created to give you ongoing support and tools for success. With ZIN, you'll teach sooner, feel confident faster and never feel alone in your Zumba career.  You will get community support, monthly music and choreography, marketing tools and a license to teach indefinitely.

Q:  Will there be Zumba Wear for sale at this facility?

A: Yes, the Pamela Bennett Fitness studio/gym is a licensed distributor of authentic Zumba Wear.  You will be able to purchase so you can be ready, professional and all geared up like a Zumba instructor should be.

Q:  What should I wear to the training?

A: Dress in comfortable fitness wear or Zumba Wear and sneakers or dance sneakers. Bring one or two changes of clothing. You will sweat!

Q:  What restaurants are nearby?

A: O’Charley’s (American cuisine), Subway (sandwiches), Mrs. Winners (chicken), Sonic (burgers), Starbucks, Tropical Café (smoothies and sandwiches), This Is It (Wing joint), Pizza Hut. For healthier choices bring your own lunch and snacks.