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  • I’ve lost a total of 17 pounds in a month doing Zumba and watching what I eat.  I’m addicted to Zumba.  I love it!!  You are a great and fun instructor!! Victoria

  • Zumba gets my blood pumping and my booty shaking!  It makes me laugh to see myself move like I haven’t moved in years.  Pam is great, come join us! Natalie

  • I love Zumba! Although I am not quite where I want to be as it relates to the all of the movements, but I’m getting there. Each day it gets a little easier. My stamina is way up from where it was when I first started. What a blessing! I am now conscience of what I eat and when I eat. Also I enjoy the camaraderie after class.  Thank you Pam! Judy

  • I love Pamela Bennett Fitness with Pamela! Her class is awesome! So much fun and good exercise to boot! Karen

  • I wasn’t sure what to expect when i joined Pamela’s Zumba classes. I had tried several exercise regimens and never stuck with any of them until now. I am currently participating and have lost over 30 lbs. in 10 weeks (4 week sessions)! I know I couldn’t have done this without a fabulous instructor, who has been where I am, tailored meal plan and awesome fat burners (all provided in bootcamp). I have to mention Pamela’s availability to answer questions/concerns and flexibility of her classes has been the key in my success. I have attended the AM and/or PM sessions (occasionally both) at some point. Zumba has been and still is a critical factor in my mental, physical and spiritual transformation. Tonii

  • I couldn’t have picked a more energetic, motivated or inspirational instructor! I have never been this excited about losing weight and making a lifestyle change. Thank you Tonii  

  • Thank U for helping me. I am very happy that God put you and your business in my life. I look forward to continuing my lifestyle change with you and my Pamela Bennett Fitness family. Renee

  • Pam thanks a million…one week and I have on a pair of blue jeans that two weeks ago were so tight that I only lasted 2 minutes trying to hold my breath and disbelief that they were too small…..well now WATCH OUT!!!! I have them on today… they are a lil snug but I’m wearing them…LOVING my Zumba today… 10/31/2013 My BP (blood pressure) today is on point even before taking my meds….114/79….for the record…the lowest BP reading of my top number in years…claiming healing and thanking Pam. Watch out…if u thought I was animated in class b4….I have some stuff to praise about…it is on now like popcorn….. DeMeeta

  • My experience with Pamela’s bootcamp has been in a word “Phenomenal”. I have tried many different work out plans and they have not put a dent into what I have achieved in four weeks of losing pounds and inches. I’ve changed my eating habits for the better with the help of Pam and Shay and will continue with these positive people who have my best interest of achieving my goals of good health, mind, body and soul. If you really want to lose those excess inches join Pamela Bennett Fitness boot camp program or take Pam’s regular Zumba classes and with dedication you will see results. Cheryl

  • I just wanted to send you a note to say thank you to each of you for being an inspiration and providing your students with a true Zumba experience. Prior to joining your classes I had taken several Zumba classes before…..some with outstanding instructors and others…well not so much (just being honest).  I also had one of my favorite instructors leave the area so looking for a great instructor was a priority and I have to say from the first class I took with LaShay to the class on Sunday each instructor has been outstanding.  It wasn’t until yesterday that I got the chance to experience Angelita and Pamela and I was hoping that the class was going to be as good as the classes I have had with LaShay and Tammie and I have to say ALL classes are exceptional. I wanted to let you all know that I think you all are wonderful instructors and I am so happy I went on the Zumba website and found your classes.  Many blessings to you and your families and if no one has told you that you are appreciated and admired let me be the first. Have a great day and I look forward to class Wednesday. Tracey J. Hardy

  • Bam you were a beast tonight! I am still feeling it in my arms – You worked us – the water is no joke!

    Pamela Bennett Fitness LLC
  • I had an awesome time at class tonight..The instructors are all amazing..If you want to have a good time and make your fat cry….come to a session at Pamela Bennett Fitness !!!!

    Pamela Bennett Fitness LLC
  • Had a great time at Zumba tonight! I love the location very close to my home! It’s all about balance! Nutrition, Supplements & Exercise!! Thanks Qualandria Bell great class:)

    Deshana Clark- Hudson‎
  • Turn down for what!!!!! Pamela Bennett Fitness Aqua Zumba class @Johnson Park Rec in Conyers was off the chain this morning! I got it in! Pamela Dukes Bennett thank you soooo much for subscribing to excellence in fitness!

    Pamela Bennett Fitness LLC
  • LaTrina Clark – another Freestyle Friend does the Peachtree Road Race

    Pamela Dukes Bennett Pamela Bennett Fitness LLC‘s
  • I am so glad I found Pamela Bennett Fitness. The instructors are amazing. They make it easy to follow the steps and they target different areas on your body. Would definitely recommend to check it out.

  • Pamela Bennett Fitness LLC is ROCKIN’ THE POOL this summer! 7 AQUA ZUMBA / AQUAFIT CARDIO Classes in the past 4 days hosted a combined 215 people. Folks are gettin’ it in and cooling off at the same time. Higher calorie burn than anything you’re doing fitness wise and you can get your cardio in a safe place. Little to no impact on the joints. All ages are splashing and gettin’ it in. No matter what your fitness level is you can do it. If you’ve taken our Aqua classes and you know how GOOD it is, think of someone that you know can benefit from getting’ it in and gettin’ it movin’ YOU need to SHARE this post. Click share now and share the Freestyle fun!

    July 12
  • Ms. Pam Is No Joke When It Comes To Aqua Zumba @ Johnson Park. The Lady Knows What It Takes To Keep Our Body In Shape. Shout Out To Her And Janet. I’m Glad To Have Joined Their Zumba Team.

    Diane FlyGirl Hairston-Nash Pamela Bennett Fitness LLC August 2
  • Great AquaZumba workout with “Pop” today @JohnsonPark – Conyers!

    Valarie A Sewell‎ Pamela Bennett Fitness LLC August 5, 2014