How Kangoo Jumps Boots Protect Your Joints

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5No matter how old you are this is true; if you exercise on a regular basis, joint protection is everything, right?  Having bad knees or feet will stop you in your tracks.  It’s tough because if you’re like me and you want to have a strong body your knees must function properly.  Often I watch clients working hard to reach their goals, experiencing excruciating pain during exercise.  They are limited by the impact their joints can endure.  This is why it is so important to have strong glutes, quads, and ham strings in addition to a strong core.  These areas will serve you well as you exercise and as you age.  If these muscle groups are weak and do not perform the jobs they are designed to do then the knees takeover.  Excess weight and weak muscles are detrimental to your knees.  The impact on your knees determines what you can do when you workout.

This is one of the reasons why I, (Freestyle Fitness & Nutrition LLC) focus a large part of my fitness program on modalities that deliver the highest benefit with the lowest impact to the body, specifically the joints.  For the last 3 years aquatic classes have dominated our schedule as well as core strengthening classes like Hot Yoga and Pilates.


In the quest to always deliver “beneficial” fitness we’ve added Kangoo Jump boots.  This modality is not new technology.  It has been wildly popular in Europe for many years.  Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes were originally developed for joggers, runners and athletes, to help reduce the impact associated with vigorous athletic activity.20151024_123007

The biggest problem for most sports is the excess strain on joints due to repeated impact. The limits of training are dictated by the amount of strain accumulated on joints due to repeated impact and the capability of the body to withstand it. Athletic competition requires the development of “explosive strength”. Participating in plyometric exercise is the best method to ensure improvements in this area. These exercises can be dangerous because they place the joints under the highest strain (up to 5G, versus 2-3G for running). 

High-tech sport shoes with cushioning features, like the latest Nike or Adidas models claim to reduce impact. However, none of these shoes provide significant protection, as they do not lengthen the impact time significantly enough to allow the brain and muscles to react in a timely way to absorb impact energy.

Different scientific studies conducted by the Swiss Federation Institute of Technology compared conventional running shoes and Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes. They demonstrated that the patented Impact Protection System (IPS) of Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes not only helps increase impact time, it also reduces the impact stress by up to 80% while protecting ankles, knees, hips, lower back, and spine.


Kangoo Jump boots are what the water is to the body in aquatics.  A layer of protection.  A safe way to exercise and gain the undeniable benefits of exercise while protecting your body from the impact and stress to your joints.  I’m very excited to bring Kangoo to Freestyle Fitness along with Tammie Baldwin, Janet Davis and Dawn Wells.

Freestyle Fitness is an authorized and licensed distributor of Kangoo Jump Boots.  

Pamela Bennett, CEO Freestyle Fitness & Nutrition LLC, Certified Personal Trainer, Bootcamp Facilitator, Health & Nutrition Coach, AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor & Entrepreneur.

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