A classical dance form characterized by grace and precision of movement and by elaborate formal gestures, steps, and poses. Ballet is considered the foundation for all the other forms of dance. In addition to acquiring classical ballet technique, one develops poise, grace and good body carriage.
Classical ballet adheres to these rules:ballet shoes

Everything is turned out.
When the feet are not on the floor, they’re pointed.
When the leg is not bent, it’s stretched completely.
Posture, alignment, and placement are vital.


A dance in which the rhythm is sounded out by the clicking taps on the heels and toes of a dancer’s shoes. Tap dance was born in the United States during the 19th century, and today is popular all around the world. The name comes from the tapping sound made when the small metal plates on the dancer’s shoes touch a hard floor. This lively, rhythmic tapping makes the performer not just a dancer, but also a percussive musician. Tap dancers make frequent use of syncopation. Choreographies typically start on the eighth beat, or between the eighth and the first count. Another aspect of tap dancing is improvisation.

This can either be done with music and follow the beats provided or without musical accompaniment. Hoofers are tap dancers who dance only with their legs, making a louder, more grounded sound. Tap dance has its roots in the fusion of several ethnic percussive dances, primarily African tribal dances and Scottish, Irish, and English clog dances, hornpipes, and jigs. The first tap dancers like Master Juba, the first known tap dancer, would articulate rhythmic patterns through chugging, scooping, brushing and shuffling movements of the feet. These dancers came to be called Levee Dancers throughout the south. Dancers like Fred Astaire provided a more ballroom look to tap dancing, while Gene Kelley used his extensive ballet training to make tap dancing incorporate all the parts of the body.


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Hip Hop is a style of dance that has crosse over to every culture all around the world. It has transcended every genre of music. Hip Hop is fun, energetic and good exercise. Students of all ages are accepted. Dance sneakers required.

Hip Hop Dance is a culture. The term is loosely used when referring to commercialized rap music, however hip-hop is more than just music. It is the heart beat of American ghetto youth who claimed their own self-expression and used it to rise above their physical circumstances. Hip-hop culture has its roots in pride, truth, courage and self-determination.One popular form of hip-hop dance, break dance, grew out of a need for youth to express themselves and prove their progress in a creative, non-destructive way. Many heads who would have been involved in gang activity or street life were able to express their frustrations through the art of a dance that was at once aggressive and poetic.


Jazz Dance Any of various dances characterized by the use of improvisation and influenced by rhythms and techniques of jazz music.Jazz dance is a form of dance commonly used in Broadway shows and movies. Jazz is a less serious looking, looser kind of dance compared to ballet, for instance. Both Jazz dance and modern dance techniques are based on the basics of the old ballet tradition, even though both forms where considered to rebellions against it. To excel in jazz dance, the dancer must master both modern dance and ballet techniques. In jazz dancing the movements are big and exaggerated and there is usually an attitude the dancer conveys to the audience.


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