Arthritis Aquatic Class


Our Arthritis Program is a low impact workout designed for individuals with Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, or those wanting to start exercise after prolonged inactivity.

  • The warm water (92-94 degrees) is optimal for helping joints achieve full range of motion and strengthen supporting muscles.
  • The emphasis is focused on increasing and maintaining one’s strength, flexibility and independence.
  • This program is run by a Certified Instructor.

What do you need to participate?

  • A one piece swimsuit and a towel
  • Water shoes are recommended but not a requirement
  • Swimming skills are not needed
  • Pamela Bennett Fitness CEO, Pamela Bennett, has been conducting arthritis aquatic classes for more than 10 years.

Classes are 55 minutes long and are held Monday and Wednesday. Click here for the schedule and pricelist.


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