7 Tips On Choosing A Great Workout Partner

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workout partnersSome people like to take their workout time as their ‘me-time’ which is totally acceptable. However, sometimes you might feel too tired or sleepy to get out of bed. This is the point where you realize how much easier it would be for you to stick to your workout routine if you had a partner to hold you accountable. I’m sure you would agree with me that it is much easier to decide not to go to the gym while you are alone than bailing out on someone and having to live with the feeling of having let them down.

It is important to note that not just anyone can be a great workout partner. Some may be close friends, relatives or great fitness inspiration but still lack the essential qualities for a workout partner. Here’s some help with determining what the best qualities are.

  • Compatibility

Are you and your partner compatible? And by this I mean that you should have somewhat similar workout styles and goals. Before you settle for a partner, ensure that the two of you have a common goal towards which you are working. If you want to increase your running speed, to lose weight or gain abs, make sure they are in it with you.

  • Is that person reliable?

You need to have someone who will actually be there at the scheduled time. Remember you are looking for a partner so that you stick to your schedule and make the most out of it. Your partner should not be the type that gets distracted by others who are working out at the gym or should not be the type that will spend a lot of time checking themselves out in the mirror instead of working out.

  • The person should be a motivator

A great workout partner is one who is able to constantly motivate you to keep going on. It is great to have a person who will nag you until you leave bed for the gym. They should encourage you to take the remaining few seemingly impossible laps. Ensure that you choose someone who will be willing to get you out of your comfort zone and push you past it.

  • They should be knowledgeable and ready to learn

Does the person know what they are doing? They do not have to be workout experts but at least be able to trade tips with you. It should be someone that can help you learn new things together.

  • Look for an understanding partner

Yes, your goal is to get out of your comfort zone and you definitely do not intend to be the flaky one. However, you need someone who will understand that heading to the gym on some days is just impossible. You probably worked late the previous day or something unavoidable came up. You need someone who will not freak out on such days.

  • How fit are you?

It is very important that you chose someone whose fitness level lies within the same range as yours. You should also consider if age is a factor because you do not want to end up doing too much or too little.

  • What does your schedule look like?

You may like working out in the evening because you are not a “morning person”. As you choose your partner, make sure the two of you can come up with an appropriate time for both of you.



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