5th Annual Fitness Challenge 2016

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SCAN0001Get ready for the 5th Annual Fitness Challenge.  Last years’ winner swept all 4 categories by losing the most inches and pounds during the challenge period.  Dashaun Rawls was determined and she has continued to maintain her weight.

That is what this challenge is all about.  Only 4 will win prizes. Win free 10 class passes or free month(s) on your membership.  Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Attend any Freestyle Fitness class.  After class you will receive your class accountability log.
  2. The instructor will weigh you and take some of your measurements.
  3. You must bring your log to every class to receive credit for attending class.
  4. Instructors will not back date or give credit for attendance retrocatively

Registration begins October 17th – 10/23rd

Challenge begins Oct 24th

Contest ends 12/13/16




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